Presentation: March 20th, NESCA

Date: March 20, 2011

Topic: Providing Comprehensive Clinical and Social Skills Services for Children and Adolescents with Special Needs

Presenters: George Marinakis, Ph.D., Founder and Co-Director

Chris Anderson, Ph.D., Camp Director

Rob Smith, Ph.D., Clinical Director

The Triumph Center has specialized in providing clinical services for children and adolescents with psychiatric and neurobehavioral disorders in the Greater Boston area for over twenty years.  As a comprehensive specialty agency, we offer a range of services including activity based social skills groups, individual therapy, family therapy and a summer therapeutic camp for children with special needs known as Camp Triumph.  We also work closely with schools to help them better meet the needs of students from kindergarten through post high school.  We follow many of our clients into young adulthood, so we are now increasing our social and clinical services to late adolescents and young adults.  Drs. George Marinakis, Chris Anderson and Rob Smith will provide case examples and share their experiences in helping clients receive comprehensive services during a challenging time of dwindling mental health care.  They will emphasize that collaboration between agencies and fellow professionals is more important than ever to ensure that our clients will receive the best care possible so that they may build skills and navigate the developmental challenges into young adulthood.