Consultation and Training Program (CATA)

The Triumph Center:

The Triumph Center is a counseling, consultation and staff-training center serving clients throughout New England.  Since 1991 we have provided individual, family and group counseling, psychological evaluations and therapeutic summer programming for children, adolescents and young adults.  Our experienced professionals have consulted to and trained administrators, teachers and clinicians in numerous schools and other agencies.

Our Consultation and Training Program:

Building on a long and successful history of supporting programs that serve promising adolescents with various learning differences, disabilities, emotional and behavioral problems, the Triumph Center has developed a consultation and training program focused on schools and agencies serving young adults.  Drs. George Marinakis and Frederic Krell lead a group of seasoned professionals who have worked in colleges, day and boarding schools as well as vocational training programs serving young men and women seeking to complete post-secondary education and become productive and independent adults. We are committed to working with our educational and clinical colleagues in these programs to help young people of all abilities successfully complete their education and transition into work and careers while finding ways to foster hope, resiliency and lifelong learning.

Your Challenges:

Many institutions of higher learning, both colleges and vocational schools, are struggling to attract, retain and graduate promising students.  Increasingly, these institutions face the dual challenges of educating and supporting students with a range of issues that go unrecognized until they are faced with new challenges often exacerbated by living away from home.  For example, many young adults suffer from anxiety, depression, and other significant mental health difficulties that often surface during the early college years.  At this stage of development, many young adults test boundaries, struggle with decision-making and risky behaviors that challenge institutions trying to maintain a safe and healthy learning environment for all their students.  To add to these challenges, colleges and technical schools are faced with educating and supporting more diverse learners, including those with high functioning autism, who successfully completed high school with the aid of family and other external supports to navigate earlier academic and social demands.  Such realities challenge institutions at all levels, including admissions personnel, counseling and disability professionals, faculty, residential staff, athletic departments, and health services clinicians.  Our specialists are available to meet with you, the leaders of these institutions, to learn about your unique needs and to consult with and train your faculty and staff on how to use best practices to more effectively deal with the challenges you face in such areas as:

Residential Life:

  • Individualized training and supervision for residential directors and other campus personnel to identify and support students with a range of concerns
  • Consultation and training regarding students with complex social learning challenges to facilitate independence and build appropriate relationships with other students
  • Consultation on building a sense of community and learning to accept and value individual differences

Academic and Career Development:

  • Consultation and training for faculty on how to identify and be helpful to students who struggle with depression, anxiety and other mental health difficulties
  • Training seminars on how to work with and educate students with high functioning autism and other neurocognitive difficulties
  • Understanding and supporting students with specific learning disabilities as they confront increased academic demands that require developing independence and new cognitive skills
  • Consultation for disability services that are frequently stretched beyond available resources
  • Fostering good time management skills and helping students access support services when needed

Sports and Extracurricular Activities:

  • Supporting high level athletes dealing with disabling injury, concussion or other physical and emotional challenges
  • Encouraging exercise, extracurricular activity and wellness for students who are isolated, anxious and depressed
  • Helping students more effectively manage academic, financial,  occupational  and extracurricular responsibilities

Safety and Behavior Management:

  • Improving strategies to manage conflict, de-escalate problems and know when to contact police and outside emergency systems
  • Improving detection, education and intervention related to substance abuse and related difficulties
  • Staff training and consultation for clinical staff to improve risk assessment protocols and provide assistance and intervention to improve campus safety
  • Prevention and staff training to address social and internet harassment, threats of violence and sexual misbehavior
  • Improving safety and building community following a campus emergency involving an attempted or completed suicide, targeted violent incident or other significant event