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Providing counseling for children and adolescents in Eastern Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire, and Southern Maine.

Summer Young Adult Wellness Group

The Triumph Center will continue its Young Adult Wellness Group this summer, catering to individuals aged 16 to 25 years old. The primary objectives of these group sessions are to empower each participant in crafting their unique approach to wellness, encompassing all aspects of self-care.

Group Details:

  • Frequency: Weekly meetings spanning 90 minutes over eight weeks.
  • Content: Sessions will blend discussion and experiential activities.
  • Topics: We’ll cover various subjects related to mental and physical wellness, tailoring discussions based on the group’s interests and active participation.
  • Outcome: By the program’s end, attendees will have a practical wellness plan in place. Key areas of focus include healthy eating/food preparation and customized physical activity plans for each individual.

Join us on this journey toward holistic well-being!

Summer Young Adult Wellness Group
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