Counseling and Consultation

The Triumph Center for child, adolescent, and young adult counseling serves a wide range of children, adolescents, young adults and families. We provide services for families in Reading, Beverly and Lexington, as well as the greater North Shore and Boston areas of Massachusetts.

Since 1991, our mission is to help clients lead healthier and more successful lives.  We understand that every individual has unique gifts and challenges, so we work closely with our clients to identify and build on strengths, while offering strategies to overcome life’s challenges.


Our licensed professionals have expertise in a wide range of issues such as social skills difficulties, autistic spectrum disorders, attention deficits, learning disorders, anxiety, depression, anger management, executive functioning, and communication. We also help adolescents and young adults learn how to perform better in school, sports, music, public speaking and other areas.

Counseling and consultation services may include multiple modalities. Child, adolescent, and young adult groups help youngsters develop social and other skills needed for healthier relationships in school, home and in social settings. Individual therapy ranges from play therapy for younger children to insight oriented and cognitive-behavioral therapy for adolescents and young adults. Parent and school consultation provide additional support so that the individual can begin to have greater success in school, home and other settings.

Professional Staff

Our counseling and consultation services are under the directorship of Dr. Dr. George Marinakis. Our professional staff consists of licensed psychologists, licensed independent social workers, licensed mental health counselors, board certified behavior analysts and other human service professionals. Psychiatric assessment and neuropsychological testing can be facilitated as necessary.

Individual Services

Our professional staff have experience in a range of treatment approaches, including child play therapy, insight oriented therapy, cognitive-behavioral and behavioral therapies. In some cases, our clinicians serve as a personal coach to clients in needs of specific skill training. We help clients identify the key areas which they wish to change and then work collaboratively with them to reach their target goals. The duration of this counseling process ranges from a few meetings to longer-term work, which depends on the client’s unique difficulties and goals.

Family Services

Often times, parents and families need help with challenges due to losses, developmental transitions, or communication breakdowns. Our clinicians provide support to couples, parents and families to help them address the many challenges that interfere with healthy relationships. We provide a range of services for families, including family therapy, parenting groups, and parent consultation to help families improve communication, manage behavioral and life difficulties, and promote problem solving.

Specialized Group Services

Specific, time-limited groups are available to address life-long skill needs, including social skills, handling bullying, peer pressure, dating, academic/career planning, leadership, volunteerism, and performing under pressure. Members benefit by learning from our skilled group leaders and fellow participants how to function well in these essential areas of life development.

Consultation Services

Our professionals offer ongoing consultation services to school systems, colleges, non-profit organizations and corporations. Subject content may include, but is not limited to, leadership, social development, teamwork, stress management, and communication skills. We also offer workshops to schools, colleges and other organizations.


Our clients come to us from a variety of sources. Some hear about us through a friend who had a positive experience with our program. Others contact us after (a) the strong recommendation of their primary care doctor, specialist, or school guidance counselor, (b) reading about us in an article, a newsletter, or on the internet, and (c) receiving our name from their health insurance provider list.

Insurance Payments for Services

The Triumph Center is now able to accept insurance payments for group, individual and family therapy services. To obtain a referral, you can simply contact your insurance plan’s customer service, and ask the representative to activate your mental health benefits for services to be provided by us. Please see our insurance page for answers to common questions about the use of insurance for counseling and mental health services. If additional actions are required to gain authorization for clinical services, your insurance representative can advise you about the proper steps involved.