Neuropsychological Evaluation & Psychological Testing

Psychological Testing Services

The Triumph Center provides comprehensive psychological evaluations of children, adolescents, and young adults. Our evaluations assess each person’s unique cognitive, behavioral and/or social-emotional functioning in order to assist with diagnostic clarification, as well as educational and treatment planning. We work collaboratively with parents, schools and agencies to address concerns by providing practical and evidence based recommendations.

Neuropsychological Evaluations

Our evaluations examine the individual’s overall neuropsychological functioning (cognitive, social-emotional, learning). We tailor our evaluations to the needs of the individual by including the most relevant measures. Our testing batteries include: standardized cognitive and educational tests, personality measures, projective techniques, clinical interviews, neurodevelopmental history, observations, and various questionnaires.

  • What to expect prior to the scheduled testing date: Interview to gather history and concerns. In some cases, the interview is done on the day of testing.
  • What to expect on the day of testing: Testing is typically completed in one full-day session at our office.
  • What to expect after testing is completed: The psychologist will write a report and will schedule a feedback session upon its completion. If applicable, families can request that the evaluating psychologist(s) attend school-based meetings to present results and discuss recommendations.

Types of Concerns our Evaluations Address

  • Neurodevelopmental and social concerns (e.g., Autism Spectrum Disorders)
  • Problems with attention, time management, executive functioning
  • Admission requirements (e.g., IQ and other testing) for independent schools
  • Problems with self-control, regulating emotions, and/or coping with trauma
  • Problems with learning/intellectual concerns
  • Adaptive functioning/daily living skills
  • Vocational interests and transition to young adulthood

Types of Recommendations Provided

  • Clinical service and treatment that address areas of weakness
  • Results and implications from neuropsychological instruments
  • Parenting supports to facilitate skill development and promote positive functioning at home and in the community
  • School-based services, academic interventions and accommodations
  • Community-based activities that will match with the individual’s profile and developmental skills
  • Services for young adults to help with admission to and adjustment in college or work

School Referrals

Our psychologists and clinical staff have been working closely with schools in the North Shore and Greater Boston areas for over twenty-seven years. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you to discuss how we can support and assess your students so that they can become more successful learners and build healthier relationships in and outside the school community.
  • We coordinate with teachers, special educators and clinicians to gather pertinent information and complete the evaluation at the school.
  • We offer consultations to staff and families for students whose prior evaluations have left unresolved questions.
  • We are available to colleges and post high-school settings to assist young adults as they transition into new learning and work environments.
  • School administrators may contact our program coordinators at 781-942-9277.

Initiating an Evaluation

We offer evaluations in our Reading, Beverly, and Lexington locations. You can inquire about our testing services and fees by contacting the program coordinator at 781-942-9277. Our office will schedule a date for the testing session and help you determine whether insurance may be used for testing purposes.